Ludem Dare 48 Compo - Buried Deep

As a dog your most proud moment is having found the Golden Bone. You diligently buried in the yard, only to find the hole uncover and a deep chasm where it once was. Go after and find your prize.

Contols: A gamepad is reccomended. 

Gamepad Controls - Left and Right D-Pad will move the character. A is jump. B will exit Game Over screens. 

Keyboard Controls - Left and Right arrows will move the character. Z is jump. X will exit Game Over screens. 


Hearts - You start with two hearts and have a maxium of three. Collecting a heart in the dungeon will fill all your hearts back to 3. 

Bones - Collecting three bones will give you one heart. If you have three hearts and three bones you will be unable to collect new bones until you lose a heart. At this point collecting a forth point will convert three bones into a heart 

Keys - You will need keys to access areas through locked doors. 

Coins - Collect coins there are 100 total in the game.

Have fun and good luck on this little platformer!!


Download 1 MB
Download 1 MB
Download 1 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play.


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I don't think I've played a Tic-80 game before. It's got a really cool retro look to it, the black backgrounds with the shading on the other tiles make it stand out. I like the tileset you've created here, the dungeon section especially looks really nice. I liked all the different elements you managed to get into the game, like the waterfalls, springs, water sections, spikes etc. that must have been a lot of work to get set up in time for the Compo! Respect! :)