Welcome to a Ludem Dare 49 (Unstable) game called Alchemy Courier. Your job is to take courier potions across the realm. These days something seems different and the potions are becoming increasingly unstable along with the routes to deliver them.

Deliver the potions before they explode and taking you with them. Jumping, landing and trauma will cause the stability meter to drop. When it hits 0 the potion will explode and it will be game over.

Controls (keyboard)

A: Talk to Quest Giver

S: Accept Quest

Z: Jump

X: Use a stabilizer...increasing the meter.

A gamepad can be configured and used. Pressing Esc and select gamepad options from the menu.

Note of Linux:

There may be Linux dependencies, most likely you’ll need libsndio 6.1. On Arch you can install ‘libsndio-61-compat’ from the AUR, on other distros there’s probably an equivalent package.


Alchemy.exe 1 MB
Alchemy 1 MB

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